How To Install Android on Nintendo Switch (The #1 Method)

You can now install Android on the Nintendo Switch, using the LineageOS 15.1 Android ROM. However, there are plenty of caveats you need to be aware of first… If you’ve ever wondered whether you could port Android onto the Nintendo Switch, you’re in luck – there is now a working Android…

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Will Nintendo ACTUALLY Release The Switch 2 In 2019? 

Nintendo will apparently release the Nintendo Switch 2 console later on this year. And if that wasn’t enough, rumors suggest there’ll be two models launched – a “Pro” model and a “Lite” model. UPDATE: Nintendo Switch Lite Launches! Nintendo Switch Lite FULL DETAILS Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch: What’s…

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We’re Getting Two New Switch Consoles This Year

One cheap, one expensive The Nintendo Switch has been a runaway success, selling millions and restoring the company’s standing after the rather disappointing Wii U. It’s currently the biggest-selling hardware platform on the planet, but with successors to the PS4 and Xbox One looming large, Nintendo will be keen to…

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