iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – A Beast In Every Sense

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review (Summary) Our Rating: ✰✰✰✰✰ TL;DR Verdict: This year’s iPhones might not be all that exciting if you’re not interested in photography, but there’s no denying the fact that they’re the best devices Apple has produced so far, and if you like big-screen blowers then the…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review – The iPhone 11 Killer?

The Note series has always occupied an odd place in Samsung’s lineup, but that’s even truer today when standard phones – like the Galaxy S10 – are offering what would have been considered ‘phablet’ dimensions a few years back. Nonetheless, the Korean firm has stuck with the Note brand and…

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OnePlus 7 Review – A Whole Lotta Phone For £500

OnePlus gobbled up column inches recently thanks to the launch of its groundbreaking OnePlus 7 Pro handset, a top-of-the-line flagship which boasts a massive, full-body screen thanks to the fact that it has a pop-up selfie camera. The phone’s super-smooth 90Hz display was also noteworthy, was the price – at…

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Samsung A50 Review – Another Mid-Range Marvel

We’ve already covered the excellent Samsung Galaxy A70, but that’s not the only low-cost handset the South Korean giant is releasing this year. We also have the Galaxy A50, which is a very close match to the A70 but sits a little lower in the company’s portfolio. The burning question…

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Samsung A70 Review – 2019’s Mid-Range Pixel 3a Killer

As smartphone makers find it harder and harder to convince consumers to splash out $1000 each year on a top-of-the-line flagship device, we’re seeing a boom in the mid-range sector as firms bolster their portfolio of handsets to soak up casual buyers who have shallow pockets when compared to the…

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