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Pixel 3 Lite Gets Reviewed Even Though It Doesn’t Exist Yet

Google will be happy Google hasn’t announced the Pixel 3 Lite, but that hasn’t stopped a Russian tech blogger from reviewing the new phone. Rozedke’s surprisingly in-depth review is a rather odd beast, as it’s a disarmingly hands-on appraisal of a phone which, in formal terms, at least, doesn’t actually…

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Google’s 2019 Product Roadmap: What To Expect

2019 is upon us and that means another new year that is sure to be full of gadgets and software offerings from the world’s biggest tech companies. Being one of the largest, Google is sure to have a slew of products coming out in the next twelve months. And those…

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The Nokia 9 PureView Boasts 5 Cameras, And More

While Samsung and its rivals get to work on their 2019 flagships, Nokia – or, to be more precise, licensee HMD Global, which currently uses the name for its phones – is also beavering away at what it hopes will be the year’s most surprising handset. The Nokia PureView 9…

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