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Wileyfox Swift 2 vs Wileyfox Spark: INSANELY Cheap Android Phones

In a dynamic and competetive market that’s giving rise to upstarts such as OnePlus, it’s little wonder that other innovative competitors are coming into the game. That’s the story with Wileyfox, a British smartphone maker founded in 2015 with the aim of selling affordable, optimised, CyanogenOS based handsets, and like…

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OnePlus 3 vs OnePlus 2: Specs & Features (Main Differences)

UPDATE: OnePlus 6 Release Draws EVER CLOSER… What Is CBD Vape Juice? (And: Should You Be Vaping It) That’s right: the OnePlus 6 launch is drawing ever closer. I still can’t believe we’re on generation-six!? Only seems like five minutes since the first EVER OnePlus handset came out – the OnePlus…

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