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Sony Xperia E5 Review: Better Than The Moto G4?

Although the top-tier marketplace is a highly competetive sphere, with every big brand manufacturer competing for the top spot, it’s not the biggest market in the smartphone sector. That’s probably got something to do with not everyone having a spare £800-£1000 for the ever-escalating prices of flagship handsets, in fact…

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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Review: Tiny, Cheap & Cheerful

We used to have tons of options when it came to smaller smartphones; most OEMs had a “Compact” or a “Mini” in their portfolios. But these days things have changed, it’s rare to find much in the sub-5in display bracket. Even Apple’s catalogue, which took forever to change over to…

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Best Cheap PS4 Controllers That Don’t SUCK

If you’ve recently got a new PS4 – or a fancy-pants PS4 Pro – chances are you only have one PS4 controller, as most PS4 units only ship with one PS4 controller as standard. But what if you want to play some PS4 games with your buddies, house mates or girlfriend/boyfriend? Well……

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The Best Selfie Stick: Meet The ReTrak!

Do you use a selfie stick? Millions of people do, and while I’ve never understood the trend, these contraptions are still one of the biggest selling products on the planet right now. So, in the spirit of consumer-facing technology journalism, I decided to do some research on what the best…

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