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Best of MWC 2016: KYM Awards

MWC 2016 has now concluded. It’s been a busy, but memorable week packed with loads of awesome launches and new technology. But what really made this year’s show so memorable was that it wasn’t ALL about phones; VR devices like HTC’s VIVE and 360 cameras for making your own VR…

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We Tested A Bunch of Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Cases

We like the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact here at Know Your Mobile. It’s a small-screen handset which doesn’t hold back on power, offering those of you who don’t want a phablet the chance to own a powerful, feature-packed device. If you’ve already made a purchase then you’ll no doubt be…

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8 Features & Updates The iPad Pro 9.7 NEEDS To Have

There’s no doubt about it, the iPad is having a tough time lately. Its most recent year over year quarterly sales were down a staggering 25%. To be fair, however, that’s not just iPad sales. All tablet sales have been tanking. It turns out that, unlike smartphones, most people don’t…

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OnePlus 2 vs. OnePlus X: A Look At OnePlus’ 2015 Offerings

OnePlus came straight outta nowhere a few years ago and thanks to its interesting approach to building, pricing, and marketing smartphones, particularly with an emphasis on fostering community interaction, it has managed to maintain quite a high level of interest from its bloc of dedicated fans. It all started with…

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