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Quick Mobile Fix Review: Fixing My Cracked LG G3

Getting a smashed-up phone fixed is pretty easy these days. You can buy the bits you need from Amazon and do it yourself; probably not advisable. Or you can get it done professionally by a phone repair company like Quick Mobile Fix. Obviously, acquiring the services of a professional phone…

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iPhone SE Latest Reports Suggest STRONG Demand & Sales

There’s been a lot of dithering over the subject of the iPhone SE, Apple’s latest handset and a return to the 4in form factor aimed at catering to fans of compact devices, and the older Apple style. Reviews and opinions seems fairly mixed, with some saying its a great little…

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Android N’s “3D Touch” Display Confirmed By Google

Pretty much since Apple revealed the 3D Touch pressure-sensitive display for the iPhone 6s series, there have been rumours going round that rival Android OEMs are working on similar tech and hand-in-hand with this was the suggestion that support for this feature will be baked-in to Google’s next Android build;…

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