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How To Use iPhone X Gestures PROPERLY

I’ll admit it, when Apple first showed off the iPhone X I wasn’t too impressed. I felt like the firm was playing catch up to Android devices, I thought there’s no way Face ID could be as good as Touch ID, and I hated “the notch.” But now I’m admitting…

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OnePlus 5T Unboxed Early AGAIN

The OnePlus 5T launches tomorrow – November 16 – but has already been unboxed on video once already, plus a German website has also reviewed the camera. Now today another early unboxing review has cropped up online, once again via Youtube. So far it hasn’t been taken down, so we’ve…

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OnePlus 5T Camera Reviewed Ahead Of Launch

It seems that quite a few reviewers who are getting hold of their OnePlus 5T samples early are breaking the emargo – first we had a Youtube unboxing, and now a German website has posted an early review of the phone’s camera. There’s an interesting change detailed in said review,…

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