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Google Pixel 3 Camera: What Could Be Improved?

Google’s Pixel 3 series is going to arrive later this year, likely during October as it has done the last two years running. There’s currently a drip feed of information leaking out about the forthcoming handsets, we know, for example, that it’ll run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, but for…

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OnePlus 6 Price: 256GB Model Might Cost…. $800!

Most people buy OnePlus phones because they serve up the best value for money around. This has always been the case. OnePlus undercut everybody and made a lot of friends in the process. All this could change with the OnePlus 6, however, as rumours suggest the highest-end model, the one…

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11 SOLID Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases For 2018

The Galaxy S9 is finally here, bringing with it the kind of anxiety that usually accompanies the purchase of a shiny and expensive new smartphone. While the S9 and S9+ are solidly-built and possess both water and dust resistance, you’ll want to keep them “box fresh” for as long as…

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