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Best Xbox One Headset: My #1 Pick For 2018

There are many things to consider when buying an Xbox One Headset. It needs to sound good, obviously. But it also needs to be comfortable too. You also want excellent microphone performance. Prices range MASSIVELY, but there are plenty of good options around for under £200. Best Xbox One Headphones…

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All The New Features For watchOS DETAILED In Full

Four years ago this autumn Apple unveiled the Apple Watch. Since its launch, each new watchOS has been slowly moving in the direction of health and fitness features as opposed to productivity features. So it’s safe to say Apple’s original take on what the Apple Watch was for was a…

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8 Hidden Features Of macOS Mojave You Need To Know!

This week Apple previewed the next version of its Mac operating system: macOS Mojave. The OS update brings a ton of big changes to the Mac, including a dark mode, a redesigned Finder, new apps like News and Voice Memos, and major improvements to Markup and QuickLook. But the new…

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