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BlackBerry GHOST Leaks! And It Looks Pretty Awesome

BlackBerry still makes phones. Good phones, actually. We loved the KEYone and the BlackBerry Motion. Both were solid handsets with plenty of things to like about them. And now we have another BlackBerry on the horizon, and this one is called the BlackBerry GHOST. Leaked by @evleaks, and designed and…

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OnePlus 5T Official Cases: The Complete Review Round-Up

While many Android users swear by the Pixel range or wait patiently for Samsung’s Galaxy releases, Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has gained a sizeable following thanks to its gorgeous design, excellent software and low prices. The company’s latest masterpiece, the OnePlus 5T, is already being hailed as one of 2018’s best…

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Listen Up! New AirPods Are COMING in 2018

Apple made a KILLING with its AirPods – even by Apple standards. Word on the street suggests Apple’s wearables business grew by as much as 70% last year, and a lot of that growth was down to the AirPods. And we’ll be seeing a new pair launched in 2018, reports suggest,…

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Asus ZenFone 4 Review: Not Bad… But It’s No OnePlus 5T

In a market dominated by Apple and Samsung, it’s often hard to see how other firms can get a look in. Long-standing companies like Sony and HTC continually churn out fairly decent handsets, but despite this still command a tiny sliver of sales compared to the industry titans. Others such…

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