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Turing’s Next Phone Is A Multi-screen, Multi-CPU 5G Monster

Remember Turing Robotic Industries? This ambitious tech firm created the unique-looking Turning Phone a few years back that combined incredibly a strong ‘liquid metal’ frame with enhanced digital security. It was also available in one of the most bling designs we’ve ever seen. That was the dream, at least –…

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Here’s Everything That’s New In iOS 12.1.1

Apple this week released one of its biggest updates to iOS since releasing iOS 12 in September. iOS 12.1.1 introduces some redesigns and subtle tweaks for apps that make the operating system that runs on Apple’s iPhones and iPads better. The new features include pretty significant updates to Apple’s FaceTime…

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Pixel 3 Update Fixes A Multitude Of Sins, But Is It Enough?

It goes without saying that most smartphones aren’t the ‘finished article’ when they launch; annoying bugs are present, key features are often missing and there’s a solid argument to say you shouldn’t really touch a new handset until at least six months after release, when updates will have fixed any…

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