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Best Google Pixel 3 Cases

Oh boy, the Pixel 3 is one handsome phone – we said as much in our review. It’s a lovely device which pretty much has the ‘pocket-sized’ sector of the smartphone market all to itself now that Apple has gone ‘full phablet’, and represents a solid option for Android purists…

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Pixel 3 Review: Google’s Best Phone Yet

Following the demise of the Nexus family of phones, Google’s Pixel line has become the true reference point for the company’s vision for its Android OS; these devices get the latest versions of the operating system before any other, and usually showcase hardware and software innovations that then trickle down…

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12.9in and 11in iPad Pro Review Roundup

Apple last week unveiled the new iPad Pros–and they featured the biggest redesigns in the product’s history. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone X, Apple decided to ditch the Home button on the iPad Pro, replacing it with Face ID. That also means that Apple could stretch the screen…

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iOS 12 Just Got Its First MAJOR Update

Yesterday Apple held what is probably its last major event of the year. With it, Apple introduced the all-new iPad Pro with Face ID, the all-new MacBook Air featuring a complete redesign of the beloved laptop, and an updated Mac mini–a computer which has not seen an upgrade in years.…

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