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The Apple Store’s Pretty Little Lies

There’s a certain sense of hubris that’s pervaded Apple since the success of the original iPod, a bit of arrogance displayed by some of company’s policies, which are decidedly anti-consumer at times. From the almost unbreakable connection of iTunes to iDevices, to the long-standing ban on apps which duplicate native…

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OnePlus One Pre-Orders To Reopen On Nov 17

OnePlus kicked off its long awaited pre-order service for the first time on October 27 and it turned out to be a colossal FAIL. Site traffic doubled capacity a couple of minutes before the handset went on sale, meaning it crashed and left customers at various stages of the pre-order…

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Honor 6 Is Now In The UK, Only £229

Huawei has just announced the Honor 6 will be making its way to the UK and Europe. The handset was initially unveiled in June this year for a release in the company’s home market of China as well as other Eastern markets such as India. Huawei’s Honor 6 comes with…

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Amazon Fire TV Stick Takes Aim At Chromecast

Amazon Fire TV has only been in the UK for a little over a week but the company has already announced the next stage in its attempt to take over the living room. This time Amazon wants to take on the Google Chromecast with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Much…

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