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So Long, Mr. Robot: Is Google Killing Android?

It’s fair to say that much of Google’s recent commercial success is down to Android, the world’s most popular smartphone OS. Since the inception of the operating system over a decade ago, Android has found its way onto millions of devices, cementing Google’s position as one of the influential –…

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Latest Pixel 3 Bug Cripples The Phone’s Best Feature

The Pixel 3 is arguably Google’s best phone yet, but it has been plagued by problems since launch, many of which will have taken the shine off the purchase for some fans. We’ve had bugs which prevent photos from being saved, phantom notches appearing out of nowhere and irksome screen…

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Is This What The Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Look Like?

Outside of Apple, Samsung is perhaps the only company working in the smartphone arena that can stop people in their tracks when it comes to hardware announcements, and this year, the South Korean firm is working on not one but two massive projects – the Galaxy S10 and its highly-anticipated…

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Here’s Why The Pixel 3 Camera Is The Best On Any Phone

There once was a time when the average Android user felt incredibly insecure around their iOS-owning friends for one key reason: photography. Traditionally, Android-based phones have struggled to match Apple’s iPhone when it comes to this vital element of smartphone design; from the earliest days of the smartphone era, Apple’s…

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