Google Pixel 4 Colors: Which Hue Looks The Best?

OK, so prior to launch there were a ton of rumors about multiple color options for the Google Pixel 4 (see below for more info on this). Following the official launch of the Pixel 4, however, we now know that this was wishful thinking on part of leakers and tipsters.…

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iOS 13 Best Features: All The BIGGEST Changes Detailed

iOS 13 picks up where Apple’s iOS 12 update left off; you can see all the updates Apple made to iOS 12 inside our iOS 12 Update Break-Down. As usual, there were a few issues with iOS 12, hence all the updates and tweaks. Unfortunately, it’s looking like iOS 13…

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iPhone XS vs iPhone 7 Plus | How Do The Phablets Compare?

Apple is a phablet phone company now. Last September Apple introduced three new iPhones, all with screens 5.8in or larger. The biggest of which, the iPhone XS Max goes to 6.5in. And then there is the new iPhone XS, which has a 5.8in display. Interested in the best iPhone you…

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iOS 12 Best New Features For iPhone (And iPad, Too!)

iOS 12 Best New Features – Our #1 Favorite New Additions…  #1) Performance Improvements While not the flashiest update, iOS 12 is going to bring huge performance improvements to older devices. And I for one welcome this, even though I use an iPhone X. That’s because I’m sick of the…

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