The Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Finally Launching

After months of delays, Samsung has officially announced that its much-hyped Galaxy Fold handset is ready for launch. The Korean firm has stated that it has undertaken a series of “improvements” to prevent the issues experienced by journalists who received review units months ago. These issues ranged from broken screens…

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The Galaxy A80 Is Samsung’s Strangest Phone Yet

Check out that camera The fight to find the perfect way to offer an ‘all screen’ phone has given us some strange devices. The ‘notch’ has become something of a fashion statement thanks to Apple’s iPhone X, while pop-up cameras and hole-punch screens have also appeared over the past few…

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Oops! Samsung LEAKS its Entire 2019 Wearables Range

Someone is going to get fired… The release of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 has been plagued by leaks, so much so that we’re not entirely sure the Korean company will have all that much to show that’s not already known when it officially announces the handset later this month,…

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