Asus Just Solved The Notch Problem In The Best Way

Say hello to the ZenFone 6 Ever since the ‘all screen’ revolution kicked off with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Xiaomi MiMix, phone makers have been falling over themselves to create the perfect mobile display. Samsung’s Infinity screen reduced the bezels down dramatically, while Apple introduced the ‘The Notch’…

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Game Of Thrones Fans Aren’t Happy With The Final Season

Over 20,000 sign petition for a reshoot Fans. You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. Films, TV shows, books, video games… every form of popular media needs a dedicated fanbase to be a success, and it’s often a double-edged sword. Marvel’s line of movies has been…

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Oppo’s Avengers: Endgame Phone Is A Marvel Fan’s Dream

Show your love for the galaxy’s saviours Avengers: Endgame is setting all kinds of box office records at the moment, and is on course to overtake James Cameron’s Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time. It took a whopping $1.2 billion in its opening weekend, which more than double…

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Apple Has Been Fibbing About Battery Life

Naughty naughty! UK consumer watchdog Which? claims that Apple has been inflating the battery life of its phones, and cites a series of internal tests as proof. The organisation tested nine recent iPhone models and found that every single one missed the mark when it came to the advertised battery…

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The Pixel 3 Has Flopped

Google just can’t catch a break Google has admitted that its Pixel 3 has been a bit of a flop at retail The Monday just gone, Ruth Porat, CFO of Google’s parent company Alphabet, addressed declining Pixel sales and said they were down to “heavy promotional activity industry-wide” as well…

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Huawei Could Soon Be The World’s Biggest Smartphone Maker

It has overtaken Apple and has Samsung in its sights The state of the global smartphone market makes for grim reading at the moment, with companies like Apple and Samsung – the two that traditionally fight for dominance – reporting slumping sales. However, the latest smartphone shipment figures from IDC…

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