Meizu’s New Flagship Shows Rivals How It’s Done

Chinese companies like Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei are gaining more and more of the global smartphone market with each passing year, flooding the sector with reasonably-priced Android-based handsets that offer everything you’d expect from a flagship, minus the massive price tag. Meizu isn’t one of the front runners quite yet,…

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Google Pixel 4 Camera To Feature Wide-Color Capture Support

The Google Pixel 4, once it gets official, will feature an updated camera among other things. But one of the biggest updates to the camera will be the addition of Wide-Color Capture support. Apple has used this technology inside its iPhones since the release of the iPhone 7, and it…

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Motorola One Vision Has A 21:9 Hole-Punch Screen

Motorola was one of the mobile industry’s biggest movers and shakers many years ago, but now it has been overtaken by the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Apple. That doesn’t mean it can’t pull out some neat tricks when it wants to, though – as the One Vision smartphone proves.…

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Google Just Cut Off Huawei

Trump’s restrictions hit Chinese giant US president Donald Trump’s ban on US tech companies sharing their technology with “foreign adversaries” has left Huawei out in the cold, with Google – as well as many other North American firms – now stating they will no longer work with the Chinese firm.…

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