Spider-Man Gets Sucked Out Of The MCU, Again

A disagreement between Sony Pictures and Marvel has resulted in Spider-Man being removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In case you didn’t know, Marvel doesn’t own the movie rights to the web-slinging crime fighter – Sony does, because it bought them back in 1999, long before Marvel Studios was the…

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Nintendo Switch Just Can’t Stop Selling

Nintendo has just published its financial results and the bottom line is that the Nintendo Switch is still selling like hotcakes. 2.13 million Nintendo Switch consoles were sold in the period between April and June, which represents a 13 percent increase year-on-year. That means that since its launch at the…

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Tori Is Like Nintendo Labo For Smartphones, And Then Some!

Bandai Namco has today announced Tori, a new ‘augmented interaction solution’ aimed at kids which works with smartphones and tablets. Perhaps inspired by Nintendo’s recent range of Labo DIY kits for the Nintendo Switch, Tori is powered by ISKN alongside cutting edge tech which means your creations can come alive…

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