Phew, The Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Still Alive

More info coming next month Final Fantasy VII is one of those special video games that really did change the world of interactive entertainment; while on the surface it was ‘just another Japanese RPG’, it was such a massive success that it turned the genre into something that was globally-beloved;…

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Fortnite’s Best Location Is Gone

Farewell, Tilted Towers Fortnite’s map has seen plenty of changes since the game launched some time ago, with the landscape shifting and altering to keep players interested, and on their toes. However, one part of the map that has been a constant since the beginning is Tilted Towers; one of…

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Nubia’s Red Magic 3 Is A Mobile Monster

8K video recording and an internal fan Gaming phones are suddenly a big deal again, but we’re not talking about Xperia Play successors here – this new generation of portable gaming platforms look (pretty much) like any other phone, but the key difference is the power contained within and the…

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