Mobile Phones

Huawei Is Taking The US Government To Court

Chinese firm challenges 5G block Huawei has been hitting headlines for a wide range of reasons lately. The Chinese company makes amazing smartphones (that’s a good reason) and is the largest provider of telecommunications equipment in the world (another good reason). However, it’s also embroiled in a legal battle with…

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Galaxy S10’s Fingerprint Scanner Doesn’t Mind Scratches

Just don’t crack the display The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first phone from the Korean giant to feature an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner built into the screen itself; traditionally, the company has used front and rear-mounted fingerprint scanners on its phones. The scanner itself works well, by all accounts, but…

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Here’s What Apple Has Planned For 2019

According to a reliable source… You can never be sure about a company’s plans until they announce them officially, but some rumours carry more weight than others. And when Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speaks, people tend to listen – Kuo has been bang on the money several times in the…

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