LG To Introduce New Premium Handset Series Above LG G4?

LG hasn’t released the LG G4 yet but according to persistent rumours it is going to appear fairly soon, however, the LG G4 may shortly no longer represent the very cream of the crop when it comes to LG smartphones; and this isn’t just rumour either, this comes straight from…

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Snapdragon 810 DOES NOT “Overheat” –– LG

Samsung is apparently ditching Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 CPU for its upcoming Galaxy S6, and the reason is –– again, apparently –– to do with “overheating” issues. Qualcomm has yet to comment on the “rumour” but one of its key partners (LG) has stepped up to the batting plate to defend…

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The LG G4 Is HERE –– But Was It Worth The Wait?

LG launches are always an interesting spectacle, because as well as the expected rumour-mongering, leaks, and hype in the run-up to a new flagship arrival, LG is one of the few manufacturers that actually engages with this by releasing its own teasers and confirming little snippets of information here and…

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LG Debuts Galaxy Note EDGE-style Phone At CES 2015

It’s a bit of a sad thing that so much of the interesting stuff at CES 2015 this year has been the exclusive territory of private showcases for invited partners and investors, according to reports both Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Sony’s Xperia Z4 have received this treatment rather than being…

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