LG G6 Pre-Order Now LIVE: Specs & New Features Detailed In FULL

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the LG G6 has finally landed. The hotly anticipated flagship was extensively leaked and rumoured, but LG itself also poured fuel on the fire, accelerating the hype train with its own trickle of teasers ahead of the launch. Flagships are always important…

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LG G5 Sales Reportedly Fall Short Of Expectations

Despite being one of the more compelling handsets launched so far this year, the LG G5, it seems, has not generated the kind of sales LG was hoping for, according to reports. The word comes via the Korea Times LG has recently reshuffled its executives and, in a statement, said…

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LG LOCKS-DOWN True Wireless Charging Technology

LG has consistently pushed the boundaries with what’s possible in the mobile space. The LG G3 was the first with a QHD panel and the company was one of the first to champion laser-auto focus. These were firsts, as was the LG G5’s modular capabilities. But LG is showing no…

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LG G5 Cam Plus And Hi-Fi Plus Review: Modular Marvels?

The recent confirmation that Google is charging ahead with its Ara modular smartphone concept may have triggered public interest in the idea of a smartphone you can take part and put back together again, but it’s important to remember that LG has already got on phone on sale that does…

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