LG G6 To Feature Google Assistant AI From Pixel

We’ve heard a lot of talk about Google Assistant since its launch aboard the Google Pixel phones, and since then it seems everyone in the smartphone space is jumping on the AI Assistant bandwagon. However, so far it seems Pixel devices are the ONLY devices equipped with Google’s own AI,…

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LG Folding Flexible OLED Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid Patented

With all the talk of the Samsung Galaxy X, it’s no surprise that LG has its own flexible OLED devices in the works too. We’ve known from reports for some time that, just like Samsung, LG has been working on flexible OLED technology; adaptable folding form factor phones and hybrid…

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LG G6 To Feature EPIC 18:9 WIDE QHD+ LCD Display

LG Display, LG’s display subsidiary, has announced a new smartphone display design with a 1440×2880 QHD+ resolution which, it confirmed, will be the display panel used on the next LG flagship. As we already know the next LG flagship launching at MWC on February 26 will be the LG G6,…

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