LG G5 Sales Reportedly Fall Short Of Expectations

Despite being one of the more compelling handsets launched so far this year, the LG G5, it seems, has not generated the kind of sales LG was hoping for, according to reports. The word comes via the Korea Times LG has recently reshuffled its executives and, in a statement, said…

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LG LOCKS-DOWN True Wireless Charging Technology

LG has consistently pushed the boundaries with what’s possible in the mobile space. The LG G3 was the first with a QHD panel and the company was one of the first to champion laser-auto focus. These were firsts, as was the LG G5’s modular capabilities. But LG is showing no…

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Apple To Use LG G5 “Dual-Camera” Tech For iPhone 7

Apple will apparently use LG for the dual-camera technology inside its upcoming iPhone 7 Plus models. I can’t say I blame them either; the LG G5’s camera is bloody superb and was easily one of my favourite features of the phone when I tested it a couple of months back.…

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LG G5 Camera Review: One of 2016’s Finest Imaging Units

UPDATE: LG G5 Android 7 Nougat Update Now Rolling Out LG has begun pushing Android 7 Nougat out to LG G5 handsets in Europe, following the software’s release in Korea last month. The update isn’t hitting ALL LG G5 handset and will most likely appear first on non-network branded handsets,…

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Quick Mobile Fix Review: Fixing My Cracked LG G3

Getting a smashed-up phone fixed is pretty easy these days. You can buy the bits you need from Amazon and do it yourself; probably not advisable. Or you can get it done professionally by a phone repair company like Quick Mobile Fix. Obviously, acquiring the services of a professional phone…

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