Quick Mobile Fix Review: Fixing My Cracked LG G3

Getting a smashed-up phone fixed is pretty easy these days. You can buy the bits you need from Amazon and do it yourself; probably not advisable. Or you can get it done professionally by a phone repair company like Quick Mobile Fix. Obviously, acquiring the services of a professional phone…

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NO LG Nexus In 2016: Perhaps HTC or Sony Will Get A Shot Now?

We’ve heard a few rumours already about which Android OEMs will be joining Google to make the 2016 batch of Nexus devices – and we’ve even heard that, in the longer term, Google is planning to move things in-house anyway. However, Nexus devices produced by LG have proven so popular…

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A Closer Look At The LG G5’s Spectacular Bottom

LG — not so long ago those two letters didn’t stand for much. The Korean phone maker was a bit part player in the Android space, producing gimmicky, second-rate handsets like the LG Optimus 3D (no, I’ll never forget that phone). Life wasn’t good at this point. In fact, life…

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LG G5 First Look: LG G5 SE Also Coming SOON!

I said this would happen. I even wrote a blog about it. LG is going after Samsung with everything it’s got in 2016 and the LG G5 is just about the most interesting handset I’ve seen in recent times. LG has listened to consumers, seen what they want, and has…

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