LG’s “Signature” Phone is The LG V30 on STEROIDS

The LG V30 is easily one of the finest handsets of 2017. Bar none. It looks brilliant, performs brilliantly, and is packed with TONS of useful features and hardware. The net result of this was one of the most satisfying user experiences around in 2017. I’d take an LG V30…

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The LG V30 is FINALLY Available In The UK (And Europe)

The LG V30 has, at long last, arrived in Europe having launched a couple of months back. Select carriers in European regions are now stocking the LG V30, in Italy TIM and Vodafone have confirmed the handset, and it has also been confirmed in Spain, Poland, and Germany; all these…

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UK Models of LG V30 Now ROCKIN’ An Unlocked Bootloader

LG has now confirmed that the H930 and H930G model variants of its seminal LG V30 handset now feature unlocked bootloaders, meaning users can install different software on them, replacing LG’s custom interface if they so wish. This is pretty massive news, to be honest, and something I wish all…

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