LG K8 and LG K10 Launch: Improved Camera, Better Specs

LG’s budget phones don’t get much coverage, but the range of handsets are decent enough if you’re after something basic with Android in tow. The latest handsets – the LG K8 and K10 – have just been relaunched with better specs and improved cameras. The K brand has been around since 2016,…

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LG V30s ThinQ & LG V30s+ Launched In South Korea

A short while ago, we heard talk of a new re-booted LG V30 for 2018 – it was said to be launching at MWC, but this didn’t occur. However, the handset is reportedly going to launch on March 9 – tomorrow at time of writing – with a whole bunch…

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LG G7 Render Leaks Online With MASSIVE Display

A render of what is alleged to be the LG G7 has leaked online. Of course, the discussion is ongoing as to whether it will actually be called the LG G7 given recent rumours on the name.  Regardless the render, published by TigerMobiles, is apparently of LG’s next flagship, whatever…

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LG Flagship To be LG G7 In The UK?

We’ve recently reported on current rumours that LG’s forthcoming flagship, previously thought to be dubbed the LG G7 (following 2017’s LG G6), may have a different name entirely, with LG apparently ditching the “G” moniker for the flagship brand. However, new evidence has emerged via LG’s official UK website which…

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LG’s 65in OLED TV Can Roll Up Like PAPER!

The dawn of rollable OLED is almost upon us, and it will bring with it some very impressive new form factors for phones, tablets, and, in this case, HDTVs. LG just took the wraps of its new 65in OLED TV, and while it is still just a concept, it gives…

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