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Google’s 2019 Product Roadmap: What To Expect

2019 is upon us and that means another new year that is sure to be full of gadgets and software offerings from the world’s biggest tech companies. Being one of the largest, Google is sure to have a slew of products coming out in the next twelve months. And those…

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Is iPhone SE Really Dead Now?

Remember the iPhone SE? Well, you might not have to tax your brain too much in order to do so, because there are still millions of people using this device in the world – we personally see several SEs in active use every time we venture outside, in fact. However,…

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Motorola’s New RAZR Looks A Lot Like The Old One

We recently reported on a rumour which hinted that Motorola (well, Lenovo) is about to resurrect what has to rank as its most famous phone, and one of the most iconic phones of all time – the RAZR V3. Now, thanks to a registration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation,…

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The Pixel 4 Will Lose The Ugly Notch

The Pixel 3 XL turned heads not just because of its impressive specs, great software and amazing camera, but also because of that insanely ugly notch. The notch may be in fashion right now, but Google’s implementation has to rank as one of the most obnoxious; it’s chunky and unsightly,…

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