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Google Pixel 3 XL vs OnePlus 6 – Android Showdown

If you’re committed to getting an Android phone as your next handset then the Pixel 3 XL and OnePlus 6 are two very solid options that share a lot of similar features and specs. They run the same processor, have iPhone X-style notches and boast crisp OLED panels. But which…

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How To QUICKLY Clear Cache On Android

How To Clear Cache on Android Phone Android gives you two ways to clear cache: all at once or on a per-app basis. Let’s look at clearing all the cache from your Android device. “All” means all app and web browser cache. Open the Settings app. Tap on Storage or…

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21 Amazing Things Google Home Can Do For You Right Now

Google Home – and Google Assistant – have a TON of features. In this guide, we’ll show you our #1 favorite Google Home features and abilities… 21 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Home 1) Learn About Google I/O Google I/O is a developer’s conferences where devs can go…

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The LG G8 ThinQ Will Copy One Of Apple’s Big Features

“Unmatched camera capabilities” incoming LG might be seen by some as the ‘best of the rest’ when it comes to smartphones, but the company’s flagship handsets have nonetheless been responsible for some neat innovations; the G5, for example, introduced a modular system where you could augment the capabilities of the…

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Apple Working On Full-Screen Touch ID

With the iPhone X, Apple went all-in with Face ID, its preferred biometric security system which is now used on every iPhone, as well as the new iPad Pro. While the company clearly has confidence in Face ID, a new patent reveals that it is keeping its options open when…

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Samsung Isn’t Giving Up On Smartwatches

Smartwatches are still around, and the market for them is slowly growing, but few would argue that the wearables sector has lived up to its promise. Google has all but abandoned the fight in recent years and the Apple Watch continues to dominate the market, along with a range of…

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