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Best of CES 2018: New Tech, Trends & Gadgets

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show kicked off into high gear this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is THE flagship show for all the cool, weird, and just downright wacky tech coming out this year. Though major tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon generally eschew the show in…

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Amazon’s 2018 Product Roadmap: What To Expect

In 2017 Amazon went from being one of the bigger tech players to becoming a company that could become the biggest player in tech in the near future, according to many analysts. It seems like the year just ended saw a company that could do no wrong. Besides retaining its…

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Google’s 2018 Product Roadmap: What To Expect

2018 is upon us and that means another new year that is sure to be full of gadgets and software offerings from the world’s biggest tech companies. Being one of the largest, Google is sure to have a slew of products coming out in the next twelve months. And those…

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Apple’s 2018 Product Roadmap: What To Expect

2017 was a pretty good year for Apple. The introduced new iPads, the beautiful new iPhone X, the cellular-capable Apple Watch 3, and the all-new iMac Pro. But in the world of tech it’s never “what did you do?” is “what are you going to do?” Luckily for Apple and…

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