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SEVEN Ways Apple Can Improve Its AirPods In 2019

Apple’s first big product release of 2019 could be one of its physically smallest devices: the AirPods. Apple first introduced its wireless earbuds two years ago in December 2016. Since then they have become a massive hit with users, praised for their incredible sound quality, effortless pairing with devices, and…

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The Best Place To Buy Apple’s HomePod

2018 could go down as the Year of the Smart Speaker. While smart speakers have been around for almost three years now, the technology hasn’t previously been adopted by the masses in the way smartphones were. But that could change now that Apple is in the game with their new…

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How To Set Up Your Apple HomePod

Apple’s smart speaker finally hits store shelves this week. Early reviews say the sound quality is amazing–yet the Siri assistant leaves something to be desired. As the New York Times noted: “Apple’s speaker is certainly an impressive piece of hardware. Audiophiles will appreciate that it has a woofer with a…

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