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Here’s All The Hardware Apple Could Unveil In 2018

Apple is a prolific hardware company. Just 17 years ago the company had essentially one line of products: Mac computers. Today the company has expanded its offerings into a plethora of categories including phones, speakers, earphones, digital media streamers, tablets, and more. By far, the biggest harder product for Apple…

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8 Quick Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV WAY More Useful

Apple finally added 4K support to the Apple TV. The new Apple TV 4K looks almost identical to the old one and comes with the same Siri Remote (albeit with a slight tactile difference around one of the physical buttons). The Siri Remote, which includes a trackpad and voice controls…

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Where To Find The Best Wallpapers For Your Smartphone

I remember when the iPhone first came out you weren’t able to personalize its background wallpaper–you were stuck with the default black background. Matter of fact, one of the distinguishing features of the first Android smartphones was the ability to set a custom wallpaper. Thankfully, Apple changed their stance on…

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