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How To Change Minecraft Skins: The #1 Easiest Methods RIGHT NOW

By default, you can only choose between a few different skins when you begin playing Minecraft. The default skin–or the way your character looks–is called “Steve.” Steve has a very boring look and if other players in Minecraft see you playing with his skin, they’ll instantly know you are a…

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How To Use The iPhone Emergency SOS Feature

One of the coolest new features in iOS 11 is also, hopefully, one of the least used. I say it’s hopefully note used that much because it is designed to only be used in emergencies–and obviously the fewer of those, the better. I’m of course talking about the Emergency SOS…

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How To Stop Apple Forcing You to Use Apple Pay

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a new initiative from Apple: for the first time the company seems to be using iOS notifications feature to pester iPhone users to sign up for Apple Pay. As the WSJ reports: “Apple Inc. is nagging iPhone users to enroll in its mobile-payment…

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Here’s Everything That’s New In iOS 11.3

Apple this week released its biggest update to iOS since releasing iOS 11 in September. iOS 11.3 introduces a slew of major new features for the operating system that runs on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Among the biggest feature is the new battery health monitor. Apple received a lot of…

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How To See Which Facebook Apps Access Your Data

As the Facebook–Cambridge Analytic scandal enters its third week, the #DeleteFacebook campaign is gaining momentum. And now big brands are joining in. Last Friday, Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX deleted their Facebook pages, and only this week Playboy announced it was deleting all of its Facebook pages. The Facebook–Cambridge Analytic…

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