Know Your Mobile

How To Download And Delete Your Amazon Data

Facebook and Google aren’t the only tech giants with a ton of data on you –though admittedly, they are probably the ones that know the most about you. That being said, Amazon is probably near the tops of the list as well. After all, the company knows not only your…

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What To Expect From Apple At WWDC 2018

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will take place June 4–8 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Though the conference is aimed at developers, consumers and media tune into the keynote speech to see what Apple has planned for the rest of the year. And while Apple isn’t expected…

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Guess What? You Can Now Download ALL Your Instagram Info!

The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal has made people all the more paranoid (and rightly so) about just how much information social media services have about us. Since then, Facebook has been in massive damage control mode, panicked that people will flee its services. Of course, Facebook is more than just…

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iCloud Drive: 4 Simple Ways Apple Can Make It EVEN Better

When you think of “cloud storage” Dropbox probably comes to mind first. They weren’t the genesis of the cloud storage tidal wave that has swept computing over the last decade, but they did it best–and in many respects still do. But of course in the decade since Dropbox came onto…

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