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How To Go Incognito In Chrome, Safari & Other Browsers

Browser incognito modes, or “privacy modes” as they are more colloquially known, were first introduced by Apple. In 2005, the company launched the first “Private Browsing” mode in Safari 2.0. Since then, privacy modes have been added to Google Chrome (known as “Incognito”), Internet Explorer (“InPrivate Browsing”), Firefox (“Private Browsing”),…

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How To Cancel Your Spotify Membership (In 2 Minutes)

While Spotify is the leader in the music streaming industry, it’s got plenty of rivals. Everyone from Apple to Google to Amazon is hoping to dethrone the giant–and many of their services are catching up quickly. Spotify offers two tiers of service–a free, ad-supported subscription, and a premium, ad-free subscription…

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How To Add A Second User To Face ID

When Apple introduced Face ID in 2017 people at first were apprehensive. Would it work as well as Touch ID? The good is was that answer that it did – and it was much faster too. But one area where Touch ID excelled over Face ID was Touch ID allowed…

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