iPhone XS vs Rumored Samsung Galaxy S10

Apple could learn a thing or two. The wait is almost over. What will undoubtedly be the biggest Android flagship of 2019 is set to be revealed in just a few weeks. That’s when Samsung will show off its new Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphones. Rumors have long circulated what…

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You Might Want To Update Your iPhone Now

Fix for FaceTime bug now rolling out Apple has just released iOS update 12.1.4, but before you get too excited, this is one of those updates that fixes things rather than adds in new features. The update addresses the Group FaceTime bug which allowed people to listen in on participants…

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Apple’s Slump Means We Could See Cheaper iPhones

When Apple said that it would no longer be reporting iPhone sales figures and warned that sales in China were slowing, it prepared investors for poor results – and that’s precisely what Apple has now delivered. Revenue generated by the iPhone family, which remains responsible for most of the company’s…

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How To Disable FaceTime On iPhone, iPad, And Mac

Earlier this week it was discovered that a significant bug had been found in Apple’s video chat app, FaceTime, that allowed a user to listen in on the microphone of another iPhone user without their knowledge. The bug essentially allows people to eavesdrop on other iOS devices. The eavesdropping technique…

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Is iPhone SE Really Dead Now?

Remember the iPhone SE? Well, you might not have to tax your brain too much in order to do so, because there are still millions of people using this device in the world – we personally see several SEs in active use every time we venture outside, in fact. However,…

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