Best Diary & Journaling Apps For iPhone (100% FREE)

Journaling – or keeping a diary – is an excellent way to process your thoughts, track progress, and organize your mental output. And now you can do it all on your iPhone with these three awesome diary apps… #1) Day One Journal – Our #1 Pick Day One Journal, for me,…

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How To Use Install & Use Widgets on iPhone (Simple Guide)

iOS has supported widgets in Notification Center for years now–way back since iOS 8. But thanks to design improvements in iOS 11, the iPhone’s widgets are more beneficial and easier to access than ever before. Apple’s recently moved them to a new screen called Today View. For those that don’t…

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How To Use Apple’s iOS Battery Health Tool on iPhone

Apple took a lot of flak earlier this year when it was revealed that the company designed iOS to purposely slow down the performance of iPhones as their batteries aged. This had many pundits in the press screaming bloody murder–although they shouldn’t have been. Apple was simply dealing with the…

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iPhone XS MAX Battery Life Not As Good As Galaxy Note 9’s

Apple’s iPhone XS MAX was the most powerful phone on the planet when it launched. This was achieved by Apple’s insanely potent A12 chipset, which has pretty much destroyed the competition since launch. But there is one area where Samsung has the iPhone XS MAX beat – battery life. According…

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How To Back Up Your iPhone (The #1 Easiest Methods)

Why do people back their iPhones up? Simple: if you lose the phone, or it’s damaged, you cannot access all the important information that is stored on them. Doing regular backups of your iPhone ensures that, should the worst happen, you’re 100% covered – and you can still access all…

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