iPhone 7s & iPhone 8 BOTH Rumoured For 2017

Apple’s iPhone 8 – or, iPhone 7s – has been the talk of the town ever since the iPhone 7 dropped earlier this year. The main reason for the all the excitement about next year’s iPhone is because it will feature a new design language, the first major change in the three…

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Apple iPhone 8 OLED Model Will “All Be Curved”

A new report out of Korea claims the Apple iPhone OLED model will “all be curved”, which is being interpreted as meaning it will feature a curved design across most of its exterior surfaces – most, not all, of course, as  that would be silly; that would be a sphere.…

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THIS is How Apple’s iPhone 8 Curved OLED Display Works

It’s been established for a little while now that the next iPhone, the iPhone 8, as it may be called, will have at least one high-end variant equipped with an edge-to-edge, wrap-around curved OLED display. And it goes without saying that this will be similar in style to Samsung’s Galaxy…

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The REAL Reason Your iPhone Dies At 25%

Does your iPhone always die with around 25% of juice left in the tank? Yep? Mine too. And my girlfriend’s. Ditto my friends’ and my parents’ iPhones as well. The next question is why? Why the hell does this happen when you have around 25% of juice left in your…

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