Bluetooth Problems – The #1 Causes & How To Fix Them

Bluetooth has been around, in one form or another, for 20 years – so why is it still so damn unreliable!? The death of the headphone jack has been widely discussed, debated, and written about over the past several years. Apple kicked off the trend by removing the headphone jack from…

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How To Screen Record on iPhone (The #1 Simplest Method)

There are many reasons you’d want to screen record on iPhone: to show off an app, for your YouTube channel, or for a how to guide like this article. This feature, while not exactly common, is something A LOT of people want to do. Thankfully, Apple has you covered –…

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How To 100% BLOCK Ads On iPhone (iAds, Location Tracking & More)

How To Block Ads In Safari on iPhone iOS’s Safari, like any web browser, is capable of giving information about you to advertisers–whether they use iAds or other advertising solutions on the websites you view. But blocking advertisers from getting info about you is easy, thanks to updates to Apple’s…

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How To Use iOS 13’s Widgets On Your iPhone 11

iOS 13’s Widgets give you great information at a glance… iOS has supported widgets in Notification Center for years now–way back since iOS 8. But thanks to design improvements in iOS 13, the iPhone’s widgets are more beneficial and easier to access than ever before. MORE: iPhone X Review: Apple’s…

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