NO LG Nexus In 2016: Perhaps HTC or Sony Will Get A Shot Now?

We’ve heard a few rumours already about which Android OEMs will be joining Google to make the 2016 batch of Nexus devices – and we’ve even heard that, in the longer term, Google is planning to move things in-house anyway. However, Nexus devices produced by LG have proven so popular…

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The HTC 10 ROCKS: Specs & Hardware Detailed IN FULL

OK, we’ll put our hands up and admit it, we were more than a little skeptical about the HTC 10 ahead of its launch. But can you blame us? After the last three generations of HTC flagship have promised so much, yet, compared to their contemporary rivals have delivered something…

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HTC One X9 NOT A Flagship After All

It may not be very nice, but we think it’s fair to say that the HTC One M9 was a bit of a flop. It wasn’t well-received critically and it didn’t sell in big numbers either. Ever since it landed there have been tons of rumours about what HTC would…

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