HTC U11 Plus WILL Go Head-To-Head With Google Pixel 2 XL

According to a new report, despite selling off its Pixel development team to Google, HTC is by no means finished with creating its own devices to compete with the rest of the market. Allegedly the company is creating a bigger, badder version of this year’s HTC U11, dubbed appropriately enough…

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Google JUST Bought HTC’s Pixel Team For $1.1 BILLION

UPDATE: Google JUST Bought HTC’s Pixel Team For $1.1 BILLION  We knew it was coming and now it has happened; Google is sort of acquired HTC, though the actual details of the merger – or partnership – are a little more complex than initial reports suggested. Google hasn’t bought HTC lock, stock, and…

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HTC’s Brand-Spanking NEW HTC Vive VR Headset REVEALED

We’d already heard rumours, but HTC has now made a surprise unveiling at the ChinaJoy entertainment expo where it unwrapped its new standalone HTC Vive VR headset. Unlike the existing HTC Vive, which requires a high-end gaming PC to plug-into in order to operate (with the PC handling the graphical…

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