Turns Out HTC U11 Plus is Google’s AXED Pixel 2 XL Prototype

HTC just launched the HTC U11 Plus, a bigger version of the HTC U11 with a larger, edge-to-edge 18:9 widescreen display, as well as some other spec tweaks. However, according to reports, the handset was actually originally conceived as the Pixel XL 2 to be made by HTC on Google’s…

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Last Minute HTC U11 Plus Teaser Hints At Squeezy Edge

The HTC U11 Plus will launch tomorrow, November 2, and HTC decided to make one last minute teaser to push out on social media. The firm’s Twitter account hosted a teaser video with the taglines “a new squeeze is coming” and “even more squeezed in” together with the date for…

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HTC U11 Plus Shows Up In TENAA Certification

With the apparent launch date of the HTC U11 Plus being November 2, it’s not surprising that it has begun appearing in official certification documents – expect this to happen more in the next week and a bit – and it’s now shown up in a Chinese TENAA certification with…

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HTC U11 Plus Looks IDENTICAL To Google Pixel 2 XL

The HTC U11 Plus has now been spotted in a set of renders, depciting the handset’s design for the first time. The leak comes via @OnLeaks and Couponraja teaming up again; @OnLeaks has generally been a reliable source of accurate design details and renders based upon them in the past,…

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