HTC U12 To Sport Matte White Glass Colour

According to a new leak, HTC’s next flagship will feature a new colour finish referred to as “Matte White Glass”. The word comes via HTC Source, which claims to have heard from a “trusted” tipster on the subject of the HTC U12’s design; the source claims the phone will have…

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HTC U12+ Specs & Release Date: Rumors & Pictures

HTC is pressing on, despite years on the edge of oblivion. The company’s 2018 flagship will apparently be called the HTC U12 and, while it didn’t launch at MWC 2018, we now have some pretty juicy details about the handset’s specs. The handset itself was shown off at a 5G…

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Nokia WIPED The Floor With Google, OnePlus AND HTC in Q4

HMD’s Nokia experiment seems to be working. There’s life in the old brand yet, following the news that Nokia is now bigger than HTC, OnePlus, Google, Lenovo, Asus and Sony in the mobile space. HMD sold 4.4 million Nokia-branded phones in Q4 2017; that’s a lot more than Google. And…

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HTC U12 Flagship Gets Sneaky PREVIEW In Taiwan

A previously tipped new flagship from HTC, currently being presumed as the HTC U12, has made an appearance at a trade expo in the firm’s home region of Taiwan. It previously emerged that HTC would not showcase a new flagship at MWC 2018 this February, however, the phone-maker definitely has…

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Google COMPLETES $1.1 Billion HTC Acquisition

The news that Google was acquiring HTC’s hardware division broke in September. The idea of Google acquiring HTC had been on the cards for awhile, but the deal still took some by surprise. Well… that $1.1 billion deal has now been finalised. Essentially, Google has paid $1.1 billion for the…

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