Video: First look at Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich

A video showing off some of Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s features has appeared online. Getting excited about Android Ice Cream Sandwich yet? Well you should be. Google is limbering up to release the next installation of its Android platform in Q4 of 2011 – latest reports suggest October. Android Ice…

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Update adds Hangouts to iOS Google+ app

It isn’t just Android owners who can hangout, in Google+ style – an update has added the functionality to iOS. Besides being able to hangout in a virtual space with your homies, you can now use Messenger, which was known as Huddle previously. Support for photos has also been added.…

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Google strengthens Android by buying 1,023 patents from IBM

Amidst the spate of legal battles currently raging in the mobile tech world, Google has rather sensibly decided to bolster its patent catalogue by buying 1,023 more from IBM. These new patents were actually bought in August but the transaction was confirmed yesterday by Google spokesman Jim Prosser, speaking to…

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Need to know: Google, Oracle and Android’s murky past

This case, unlike the Apple v Samsung saga, has been something of a slow-burner. Oracle initially filed a lawsuit against Google back in August of 2010. Since then there’s been plenty of talk about the allegations aimed at Google and the potential implications for the Android platform. Depositions (out of…

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Google Maps update shows star ratings and photos

Google Maps for Android has been given another update, bringing it up to version 5.10.0. This time it’s a bit of a minimalist bump-up for the popular Android app with an emphasis on showing you the best shops, venues and restaurants. The change means you can see 4 and 5…

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