Google’s Christmas Ad Sees Macaulay Culkin Home Alone, Again

Ahhhh, Christmas. The time of year where we eat, drink, exchange gifts, tolerate relatives and binge on all manner of festive movies, one of which is Home Alone. Since its release in the early ’90s this piece of cinematic history has become one of the quintessential Christmas flicks, and Google…

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So Long, Mr. Robot: Is Google Killing Android?

It’s fair to say that much of Google’s recent commercial success is down to Android, the world’s most popular smartphone OS. Since the inception of the operating system over a decade ago, Android has found its way onto millions of devices, cementing Google’s position as one of the influential –…

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How To Make Siri Use Google Assistant

For years Siri seemed to take second place compared to other personal digital assistants like Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. But that all changed with Siri in iOS 12. Now with Apple’s latest operating system Siri is arguably the most powerful and versatile assistant on the planet. That’s because Apple…

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