Google Earth hits Android 2.1

Owners of Android 2.1 equipped handsets can now download Google Earth directly from the Android store. OK, so Android 2.1 is rather an exclusive club right now, with Google’s own Nexus One as the sole member, but the announcement on the Google Mobile Blog promises that, “in addition to Nexus…

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Sony Ericsson CEO turned down offer to build the Google Nexus One

Sony Ericsson purportedly turned down a potentially lucrative offer from Google to build the Nexus One. Speaking with the Swedish publication Sydsvenskan, Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg explained that the company would rather conquer the U.S. market on its own merits – i.e. without Google’s help. Of course, this all…

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Google launches Nexus One support

A dedicated support hotline for the Google Nexus One is now available to owners suffering handset issues. Previously customers had been offered the option of 48-hour email support, or had been redirected to HTC’s or T-Mobile’s (the only carrier currently offering the Nexus One) telephone support staff. When questioned about…

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iPhone 3GS vs Google Nexus One — 3D power

Game developer Distinctive Developments has made a video pitting the iPhone 3GS against Google’s Nexus One. Both are made to render a 3D scene involving two women warriors fighting against each other – although many more are added to the mix later on to see how many polygons each device…

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Google Nexus One UK release date flagged at Play

Major online retailer Play.com has listed the SIM-free Google Nexus One on its website, complete with a price and release date. Apparently, the Google Nexus One will be available as early as 16 February, which is in-line with rumours we heard earlier this year. What’s slightly disappointing is the price…

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Google Tablet sneak preview

Glen Murphy, one of the designer’s involved in Google Chrome, has released a video and images of what a Google-manufactured Tablet may look like. The video appeared on Google’s official Chromium site, and apparently features: Keyboard interaction with the screen: anchored, split, attached to focus Launchers as an overlay, providing…

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