Nokia WIPED The Floor With Google, OnePlus AND HTC in Q4

HMD’s Nokia experiment seems to be working. There’s life in the old brand yet, following the news that Nokia is now bigger than HTC, OnePlus, Google, Lenovo, Asus and Sony in the mobile space. HMD sold 4.4 million Nokia-branded phones in Q4 2017; that’s a lot more than Google. And…

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Wake Up To Rick Astley Every Morning With Google Home

Google is constantly tweaking its Assistant, adding in new features and capabilities. The device, while novel and kinda useful, still feels a little beta – I have two and I do use them, but a lot of the time they mess up basic stuff. The latest feature Google has added to…

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Google COMPLETES $1.1 Billion HTC Acquisition

The news that Google was acquiring HTC’s hardware division broke in September. The idea of Google acquiring HTC had been on the cards for awhile, but the deal still took some by surprise. Well… that $1.1 billion deal has now been finalised. Essentially, Google has paid $1.1 billion for the…

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Audiobooks Are 100% COMING To Google Play

Google Play has grown dramatically during the past five years. The switch from Android Market to Google Play was more than branding; since then movies and TV Shows, as well as hardware, have been added to the retail portal, alongside the standard apps and games. But Google’s next project for…

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Google is Calling Android 9.0 Update “Android Pi”

Around this time of year, we start to look forward to the next big Android update. Normally, there is tons of speculation over what type of dessert the update will be called. But this year it appears as if a name has already been coined by Google. Google is already…

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