Video Games

Google Stadia: Everything You Need To Know

Google recently lifted the lid on its upcoming Stadia video game streaming service, offering up details on the price, hardware and connection speeds you’re going to need if you want to join the streaming revolution. We’ve pulled together this handy guide which breaks down what it’s all about, so sit…

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5 Ways Google Stadia Will Change Gaming Forever

Gaming will never be the same GDC 2019 has just kicked off, and Google has effectively stolen the show with the announcement of its Stadia cloud gaming service, which launches later this year and promises to revolutionise the way we play games. It’s not a games console that costs hundreds…

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What Is The Gaming Future That Google’s Teasing?

When Google makes a bold claim, the world tends to listen. The search giant already dominates the desktop and mobile thanks to its Chrome browser and Google landing page, and via Android – its smartphone OS – it is part of millions of people’s lives. It controls a staggering amount…

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