LG’s Answer To Folding Phones? An Entire Second Screen

Twinned with the 5G-ready V50 It’s Mobile World Congress this week, and that means a flood of weird and wonderful announcements coupled with some rather more predictable news. Thankfully, LG has kicked us off with something a little unexpected – a second screen for its flagship V50 handset. The V50…

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Patent Suggests Apple Will Also Release A Folding Phone

But not any time soon 2019 is the year of the folding phone, it would seem. Samsung is expected to reveal its folding Galaxy handset later today and Huawei, Motorola and Xiaomi are all working on similar devices. In fact, it’s quicker to list the companies that aren’t committed to…

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Galaxy S10 Commercial Airs Early By Mistake

Gulp Poor old Samsung. It really hasn’t had the best time keeping the Galaxy S10 a secret; thanks to a series of leaks over the past few months we know pretty much everything there is to know about this still-unannounced handset; from its design to its basic features, not much…

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