The Best Selling Xbox One Games (ALL-TIME)

While the Playstation 4 rules the roost when it comes to console gaming, Microsoft’s Xbox is no slouch either, finding millions of dedicated fans across the world. If you’ve grabbed one of the latest Xbox’s, check out the list of the console’s top-selling games of all time below. You just…

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Xbox Series X Lays Framework For 8K Gaming Future

You don’t have an 8K TV, but you might want to get one because the Xbox Series X will support 8K gaming… It wasn’t that long ago that 4K gaming seemed like a big deal, and yet here we are talking about 8K gaming like its nothing. The Xbox Series…

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Xbox One vs Xbox One S: What’s The Difference?

Microsoft’s Xbox is now in its third-generation, with the Xbox One X. But how does the original Xbox One compare to the newer Xbox One S? Find out below Xbox One vs Xbox One S Specs List Quick Verdict: Xbox One S Wins – And This is Why… Smaller, More Compact…

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Xbox Series X vs Xbox One S – What’s The Difference?

The Xbox Series X is coming out Holiday 2020 and with it a whole new era of console gaming from Microsoft. Microsoft gave a first look at the upcoming flagship console last December, and we gotta say, we’re really impressed. Not only does the Xbox Series X have an all-new…

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Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite – What’s The Difference?

More choice is better, the saying goes, but it doesn’t necessarily make things easier. That’s never been truer in the handheld gaming world now that Nintendo offers two versions of its insanely popular Switch. There’s now the regular Nintendo Switch and the new Nintendo Switch Lite. So, just how do…

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Best Cheap Xbox One Controllers – What’re Your Options?

If you’re running an Xbox or PS4 chances are you will have noticed how expensive additional controllers are. Prices range anywhere from $40 to $50 and this makes the price of them rather prohibitive for some. Here we’re going to take a look at some of the best cheap Xbox…

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