12 Of The Scariest Video Games Of All Time – PS4, Xbox & Nintendo

Some of the most memorable console games are among the horror variety. Something about the horror genre in gaming usually lends itself to deeper, more gripping stories, more emotional involvement from the player, and, of course, plenty of scares. If 2020 events haven’t scared you enough and you feel like…

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Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5: 2020’s Gaming Consoles Fight!

Oh, boy. If you’re a gamer, this holiday season is going to be like Christmas and all your best birthdays combined. That’s because both Sony and Microsoft are releasing their next-generation gaming consoles. This is pretty much a once in a decade event. After all, the PS4 and Xbox One…

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The Best Selling PS4 Games (ALL-TIME)

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most successful modern consoles of all time. If you’re a PS4 fan and looking for a new title to play, take a list of the best selling PS4 games of all time below. You’ll probably find a gem you’ve missed. #1 Uncharted 4:…

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The Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games (ALL-TIME)

The Nintendo Switch is the biggest hit Nintendo has had in years. First unveiled in 2017, the Switch has quickly become a must-have accessory for gaming aficionados. It fulfills the nice sweat spot of being something between a casual gaming device like a smartphone and a hardcore console like an…

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