The Best Wireless Speakers That Support Apple’s AirPlay

There are two primary types of wireless speaker technology that are widely used today. The first is Bluetooth and the second is AirPlay. Though both get your tunes from your computer or smartphone to your speaker, they do so in vastly different ways. These differences also allow for each having…

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The Best Cheap Dash Cams You Can Buy For Under £50

Dash Cams are fast becoming the norm in cars all over the UK. Why? Simple: they help with insurance claims, incidents, and any criminal activity aimed at your or your vehicle. If you’re in an accident, and it wasn’t your fault, the only way to prove this – without a Dash…

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The Best Apple Lightning Charger is NOT Made by Apple

What’s The Best Non-Apple Lightning Cable? If you’ve ever lost or broken a Lightning Cable, chances are this is exactly what you asked yourself. Most assume going the official route, via Apple, is the best way to proceed when you’ve misplaced or broken a Lightning Cable.   But here’s the thing:…

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